Fast turnaround of your low volume PCBA

The PCB industry has traditionally struggled to meet the demands of small batches and expedited PCB assembly. However, FS Technology has found a solution to this problem by utilizing their EMS factory and readily available component inventory, allowing them to work in two shifts without compromising on quality.

What capabilities do low-volume PCBA processing plants need?

Prototype assemblies are commonly used for sampling, testing, and refining designs. Small batch assemblies are often requested by scientific research institutions, while commercial manufacturers typically order their PCB assemblies in small quantities for commercial purposes. Hobbyists may also order small quantities of PCB assemblies to bring their designs to life, and companies may purchase small quantities of PCBA for marketing purposes.

We ensure the quality of all PCBA orders, regardless of quantity, by maintaining consistent quality standards across all batches. We offer two work shifts for low-volume, rapid PCB assembly and provide a one-stop prototype PCB manufacturing and assembly service. Our ISO 8 cleanroom and IPC-A-610 Class 2/3 certification ensure the highest level of quality for low-volume PCBA manufacturing. We offer the fastest PCBA turnaround time in the industry, with a 24-hour lead time, and provide one-to-one engineering support for complete PCBA projects. Additionally, we offer electronic component sourcing, full testing, and final product assembly services.

Low-volume PCB assembly cost

The cost of low-volume PCB assembly is determined by several factors, such as the manufacturer’s location, PCB size, type, testing, complexity, and electronic components used. Therefore, pricing PCB assembly solely based on the number of boards is not feasible. However, typically low volume assembly is less expensive than bulk assembly.

Prices for single-sided and double-sided PCBs differ, and commercial-grade PCBs are less expensive than military-grade PCBs. The cost of various PCBAs ranges from $3 to $3000 per piece. If you opt for OEM service to assemble the box, the average cost of assembly is lower than ordering only the PCB assembly.

When it comes to pricing, Shenzhen, China, is a place where you can obtain high-quality PCBs at a low cost. In the US and Europe, our suppliers also offer top-quality PCBs and assemblies at significantly higher costs and longer lead times. PCB technology in other regions may be less developed, resulting in compromised quality and potentially higher costs. In such a scenario, you may consider purchasing from a different supplier. Therefore, if you desire to order high-quality PCB fabrication and assembly, it is advisable to choose a Chinese supplier.

FS Technology is an excellent choice for advanced low-volume PCB assembly. Sign up or participate in promotional offers to obtain coupons for purchasing at a reasonable price.

The advantages of small batch PCB assembly in China

Flexible Production: Our PCB assembly factories in China offer flexible production capabilities to meet the needs of our clients. In case of an emergency or urgent order, our assembly line can work in two shifts until the job is completed.

Advanced PCB Manufacturing: With multiple manufacturing bases and a team of experts with R&D engineering backgrounds, our Chinese manufacturer can provide advanced PCB manufacturing services to meet the most demanding requirements.

Electronic Components:  We stock a large stock of basic electronic components in our warehouse. Our component service providers include authoritative suppliers such as Digikey and Mouser for strategic cooperation. Choose FS Technology to ensure the latest components at a favorable price and better service.

PCB Assembly and Value-Added Services: Our PCBA processing plants provide a wide range of services to various industries. These services include industrial control PCBA, automotive electronics, medical electronics, security electronics, consumer electronics, communication electronics, power supplies, etc. Our core business is to provide customers with quality PCBA services. We have professional knowledge and rich experience to meet the diverse needs of different customers.

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