Experience at Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, also known simply as Corbett National Park, is located in Nainital district in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand. It was here that the prestigious ‘Project Tiger’ was launched in 1973.

Jim Corbett National Park is a treat for nature and wildlife lovers. Its territory covers an area of ​​over 500 square kilometers and the entire terrain is beautiful. From marshy swamps to sweeping hills, from river belts to lakes, every geographical feature is present. Here you explore the love of nature on an open four-wheel jeep and on the back of an elephant.

Jim Corbett National Park is home not only to the tiger but also to other species of wildlife and birds. In fact, some of the most famous bird watchers visit Corbett to observe different species of birds.

In this travel blog, I will share with you my experience of the national park and all other details you need to know before visiting this place. you can get best offer Jim corbett national park resort package

Jim Corbett National Park – Overview
Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India. The park is home to a large number of animal species including Bengal tigers and leopard cats. Himalayan black bears, Indian gray mongooses, otters, Indian sloths etc. Here are some things you should know before planning to visit the park.

Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, North India

Mode of Travel By road

Main Attraction
Tiger spotting, wildlife

Best Time to Visit :- November to February

Nearby Places to Visit:- Lansdowne, Nainital

Travel Zones in Corbett:-Six (6)

Accommodation Options:-Inside the park

How to reach Jim Corbett National Park?

To reach Jim Corbett National Park, you must first visit Ramnagar – the nearest town to the tiger reserve. Ramnagar is connected by both road and train to major Indian cities.

Traveling distance from some popular places for visitors to Jim Corbett National Park
Corbett National Park is very popular with travelers from nearby cities, mainly due to its ease of travel and distance.

Nainital – 66 km
Delhi – 260 km
Lucknow – 145 km
Ranikhet – 112 km

How did I get to Jim Corbett National Park?

Well from Chandigarh (located 4 to 6 hours from New Delhi) there are mainly two ways you can reach Jim Corbett National Park –

1. The first route is via Haridwar and it goes like this: Chandigarh – Saharanpur – Roorkee – Haridwar – Corbett
2. The second route is via Rishikesh and it goes like this: Chandigarh – Dehradun – Rishikesh – Corbett.

We chose the second route to the Jim Corbett National Park because of the good condition of the road. The roads from the first trip are in a bit of a bad condition as the driver said.

When we were on the bus, we only had one rule. No one will sleep during the entire trip. The driver was doing the work around and we were doing the work to keep everyone up. The trip started with excitement and dance music and we all danced like there was no tomorrow.

Official Travel Zones Inside Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is divided into the five ecotourism zones for the proper management of the tourism activities in the tiger reserve area. These zones are

Durga Devi Zone
Recommended for bird watching

Sitabani Buffer Zone
Beautiful but lies a little outside the reserve

Bijrani Safari Zone
Closest to the reserve and green.

Dhikala Zone
Excellent for overnight halt inside

Jhirna Safari Zone
Easy wildlife spotting

Dhela Safari Zone
The only area in the buffer zone open to visitors

How to book a Corbett National Park Safari?

The safari booking at Jim Corbett National Park can be done well in advance online. While Indians can book a safari 45 days in advance, foreign nationals can do so up to 90 days in advance.

There are several other operators in Ramnagara and the hotels also book it for you, though they add a service charge on the government rate.

You can choose between a jeep safari and a canter safari. The Jeep safari will go to any of the zones mentioned above, while the canter will only go to the Dhikala zone. 

How does it feel when you travel to a completely unknown place? Excitement trumps any other feeling, as if the day of travel is approaching. Visiting Jim Corbett National Park was my first college trip.

I am a “hostel boy” so that place was my home and my friends and college students were the people I wanted to travel with. The organizer of the trip was the Adventure Club of the university. I was also a member of the club and it was my duty to call and inform every student who went on the trip about the briefing that had to be held before they left.

Jim Corbett National Park and its Bollywood Connection
Jim Corbett National Park was where we went, the same place where the movie KAAL was shot. We knew it was going to be epic. Some things everyone had to have with them and the rest was a personal choice.

Anyway, we rendezvoused early in the morning (still dark), loaded our bags, attended roll call to make sure everyone was present, and off we go!

The Complete Safari Experience inside Jim Corbett National Park

Breakfast was ready when we burst in hungry after the fun by the river. We then gathered and boarded the bus that took us to the Safari Site which was almost 35 minutes away from the hotel.

We were split into groups and given our jeeps (with driver) to explore. It was morning and the locals told us that the best time to spot a tiger is around evening. We all mounted in our jeeps and set off on a journey that took us along the tracks of the forest reserve.

The Amazing End to our Experience at Jim Corbett National Park

All journeys must end and so must this one. Finally, I would like to mention the dip in the pool. Just before we had to leave we took a quick dip or said dip in the pool and did it continuously until we were called because we were running late. Typical college students, right? It seemed like we could never get enough of this Jim Corbett experience.

Jim Corbett National Park is a place for everyone! From explorers who want to know about unseen wild animals to people who find peace in nature. I’ve seen kids excited to see the forest and animals around them, and I’m sure you will too. It is definitely an experience worth having because one really indulges when nature hypnotizes.

I want to share with you that coming out so far for the first time, enjoying and creating my own moments, playing like kids in a hotel room, on a jungle safari and meeting new friends was an experience I will never forget.

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